Our flower packs more firepower than the competition. Our strains have consistently won awards for Highest-Testing Indica and Highest-Potency flower. But we didn’t make our flower for awards — we made it for you, the cannabis connoisseur.

Gas House cannabis comes from the freshest flower and finest cultivation techniques — ensuring that our flower has the highest THC potency, the gassiest skunk smell, and the sweetest taste possible. Real flower for real people.


Gas House OG is a deep indica with heavy-hitting body stimulation and soothing cerebral relaxation. OG is packed with high-potency THC, an intoxicating skunky aroma, and dark green buds that is a pleasure to the senses and a danger to the newcomer.

Gas House OG will blow down the house and lift you into a new state of relaxation and sensory pleasure. This strain is great for lifting away the pain, fatigue, and all of the stress that life throws your way. You won’t find this dank strain anywhere else, we keep the seeds secret at our Gas House labs.


Named after England’s notorious crime boss Billy Kimber this collab between garrison lane and gas house is a true cut of old school OG that will deliver an empowering indica experience that will sedate your body and stimulate your mind.

Billy Kimber is a strain known for its powerful pain-relief, deep muscle-relaxation, and cerebral euphoria. Work hard, play harder. Roll up with Billy Kimber.


Founded in Santa Cruz and bred by Greeline Organics, Bananimal is one of our signature Cali strains that packs dark purple and green buds with fiery hairs and crystal trichomes. Like the rest of our selection, this one is heavy on potency.

And it tastes even better than it looks. Bananimal will hit you with that sweet banana cream smell, and then it will crumble down into a pungent cookie dough aroma that will lift you into a state of relaxation, pain-relief, and feelgood vibes.


Feel the breeze of California’s palm trees and smell that fresh diesel juice with West Side OG — another one of our indica heavy-hitters. West Side OG packs creamy purple buds and fat trichomes that will make your mouth water and your eyes red.

This Cali favorite pairs up a heavy dose of body mesmerization, pain-remedy, and euphoric relaxation. Are you ready to see what the Golden State is all about?


We carry and cultivate the finest cannabis you can find. Here’s the Gashouse line:

  • Lemon OG
  • Fire OG
  • GasHouse Skunk
  • Gelato
  • Blue Cookies
  • Bananimal
  • Rutz
  • Orangetree
  • Billy Kimber
  • Jet-Lato
  • GasHouse OG


Keep your eye on the mask. Find Gas House products at the finest selection of licensed dispensaries all over Northern and Southern California.

The mask doesn’t represent what you have – it represents what you do. Our cannabis products speak for themselves while holding the front line for industry innovation and customer service.

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Enter a world of total relaxation and sensory pleasure with a pre-roll of one our heaviest-hitting indicas: Gas House OG. Our thick pre-rolls carry the same heady diesel aroma as our flower – and we’ve already got five rolled up for you.

The Gas House OG Premium Pre-roll Pack is equipped with five premium pre-rolls, bursting with quality cannabis. That’s more trees, more experience, and more gas than you’ll find anywhere else.

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